bullet Stereoscopic shooting for companies, feature films, advertising, etc.
bullet Equipment rental with a stereographer included.
bullet Stereoscopic post production management (control of the maintenance of stereoscopic alignements).
bullet Production of 3D stereoscopic animations.
bullet 2D to 3D video and photo conversion.
bullet 3D Stereo techniques for surgical operation.

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Aerial filming multirotor system with HD cameras without any frame distortions, fish-eye and vibrations. Our drone is 3 axis GPS stabilizer with remote control of camera mount.





Our press review on Italian newspaper and online.


A selction of the main articles and news about our activity and projects.



New technology for virtual representation of objects and people is now available for events, fairs, corner-shop, etc.. The contents can be both real and animated. We can offer complete solutions specifically designed and followed by the birth of the idea through to deployment with our partners




or what is meant by a good stereoscopic product, a bad product and a stereoscopic work harmful to health.
For over half a century, the dominating market of stereoscopic productions was based in the United States for several reasons, including n the passion in new technologies suitable to emphasize the quality and spectacularity of the movie...



  bullet You Tube Channel

bullet What is the meaning of 3D?
bullet The History
bullet 3D shooting
bullet The Stereographer
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