Someone told that "The Stereographer is the Glue or Catalyst between DP and Director to help create a perfect 3D film" The stereographers have mathematical or intuitive knowledge of the 3D process, we ha ve the second one.

The role of the stereographer has been built through years of experience and concrete training, thanks to our customers that claimed good quality jobs: this new profession, well-known in the US but not in Europe, has 2 important tasks: being part of the film crew, ideally at the script and screen play revision phase (close to the DOP and the cameraman) and later on being present at all post production session .
In this stage, there will be the stereo matching of 2 video streaming recordered and some adjustments (for example parallax adjustments and the vertical or horizontal alignments) for unavoidable errors that need to be corrected and final tweaking of stereo for comfortable viewing.

The role of stereography goes beyond the importance of the hardware used for the stereography; only through the stereographer’ sensibility could be perceived as a “divergence” in 2 stereo shots. We can apply this theory to the music field: if you have a good ear for music, you can perceive and identify, in an orchestra , a musician who is out of tune. To obtain that, the stereographer uses stereo preview, connected directly to the cameras and these preview instruments allow the real 3D view by 3D head mounted display or on a 3D monitor.

We have to consider that the depth perception changes according to the size of the screen and so the images that we see in the 3D preview monitor on the set will be "calibrate" after a hard training with numerous checks about what we see and what we get. The last test will be the projection on a 14, 20 or more metres wide screen.


  Briefly, the stereographer's worth is directly propotional to the abilty of considering and managing different elements that allow a 3D shooting suitable for cinemas:

frecciafocal lenght of lenses
frecciascreen size for the final projection (this factor is extremely delicate and important)
frecciavertical convergence
frecciainteraxial separation (modifications could be necessary during camera's movements in a dynamic shooting)
frecciahorizontal convergence angle (modifications could be necessary during camera's movements in a dynamic shooting)
frecciamaintain the proper depth in every scene

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