Stereoscopic shooting for companies, feature films, advertising, etc.
Equipment rental with a stereographer included.
Stereoscopic post production management (control of the maintenance of stereoscopic alignements).
Production of 3D stereoscopic animations.
2D to 3D video and photo conversion.
3D Stereo techniques for surgical operation.

In these years of testing, training and stereoscopic shootings, we focus on some elements to create a good stereoscopic production movie:

Study and preliminary evaluation of the script, according to a 3D movie production and not 2D, involving stereographers, technicians and DIT.

Strong interaction between different roles from the beginning of the shootings

A thorough equipment analysis for the stereoscopic shootings: the equipment must be tested by experts in previous production (stereographers and D.I.T.)

A selection of high precision stereoscopic systems that the stereographers have to use. This is to avoid for movie productions on a big screen with craft instruments or self build equipment. Xilostudios has some cooperation with important European companies that produce stereoscopic systems very precise that allows difficult and unusual collimation managed with 7 different movements and endless combinations (see the stereograpgher’s page)

Strong interaction on the set, in particular with the director, the D.O.P. and the director of stereography. This interaction begins after a previous introduction and collaboration based on a mutual respects of the roles.

On the set a DIT must be present. The DIT has to manage the digital data, prepare the dailies and give important reports.

Post production managing with definite roles: DIT, Director, Editing, Color-Grading, DOP and director of stereography. The last one has to check the right collimation and must be present during the editing phase (the continuity and depth perception have to bring the audience to the realty).

A selection of the supplier for the mastering service in stereoscopic standard to have the best quality in the final projection.

From these points, we understand that the stereoscopic movie productions demand a strong work in team with a specific preparation.
Xilostudios offer a service for stereographic managing in all the phases mentioned above. The respect of the roles is very important and without any overlap of them with the professionals and supplier.




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