"Who has not dreamed of boarding a spaceship for a journey into space looking out the window the sun and the rings of Saturn?".

By 2011 this will be possible!
Lilliwood, in collaboration with the Radioastronomy Institute of Medicina (Bologna), is producing a stereoscopic 3D movie for the visitor center of the station. Wearing the 3D glasses, the audience will have the sensation of being iinside a spaceship, called Constellation. Everything will be led by the famous physicist and President of the Italian Space Agency, Giovanni Bignami, who will plays the Director of the space mission that will have the task of saving the Earth from an asteroid on a collision.
It is therefore a short-fiction that is extremely demanding, as it was necessary to achieve the stereoscopic with compositing scenes between real actors and virtual scenarios, rotoscoping, simulations of weightlessness for the actors - astronauts, animations that represent the entire Solar System, galaxies, shuttles and astronauts.
We have shot stereoscopic footage from inside of the parabola of 35m diameter and we made stereoscopic aerial shots, with the help of the Department of aerial shots of the Fireman in Bologna and thanks to the Head Boldini Moreno, head of the Documentation Centre and Video VVF di Bologna.

We also had the support of NASA, which has allowed us to use in this project, an exclusive film that echoes the real sun in stereoscope, made by two satellites with optical telescopes, placed in solar orbit at enormous distance. these images could be seen the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

This project, as well as the historical cartoon created by Cineca with Lilliwood, is a part of our commitment in respect of productions aimed at scientific and historical museums, learning centers, etc.

The animations in computer graphics and compositing were carried out in collaboration with Carlo Macchiavello and 3D designs in collaboration with Giuseppe Magurno.
The project is funded by the Service of Technological Innovation of INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics).





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